Alaska Kendo Club
Sensei picture

Masayasu Ando sensei

Kyoshi Nana (7th) Dan Kendo
Go (5th) Dan Iaido


"Our dojo welcomes all the Kenshi from the world to come and practice with us. Please do not hesitate to call us when you happen to end up with being in Anchorage, Alaska!"

Personal Histroy in Kendo

  39 Years Practicing Kendo/Iaido

at Inuyama, Japan:
  1970~1979, under Takiguchi, Shigemichi (Renshi 6 Dan at that time)
  1974~1977, under Hirose, Matsuichi Hanshi 8 Dan (at that time)

at Anchorage, Alaska:
  1984~2007, under Kamei, Kazuo Hanshi 8 Dan, resided in Kanagawa, Japan

Teaching Philosophy

My goal in teaching is to have all the Kendo students become a better human being by learning the physical and mental skills of Kendo/Iaido. In order to do so, I must maintain upgrading my Kendo skill level and must cultivate my mind to be a better and strong human by committing myself to the consistent effort of trying so in daily life. It is my goal to keep a family atmosphere while learning the Japanese tradition, culture and Kendo and Iaido etiquette/ritual. I place emphasis on basic moves/techniques as well as basic philosophy/teachings as Budo so that one may enrich his/her daily life.

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